What happens after you die?

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If we take for granted the notion that time is an infinite line on which events happen, we can deduce that any finite span of time on that line is an infinitely small fraction of the total amount of time that exists.

Your own conscious awareness exists within a defined fraction of the infinite total amount of time — this fraction is called your lifespan.

The vector of time appears to have an arrow on it, with both a direction and a coordinate — at least according to our human senses. If this point in time happens to land inside your lifespan, you experience reality, as it is your time to be alive.

The probability of the coordinate of time / the present moment being inside the fraction of infinity which is your life span is mathematically provable to have infinite negative probability. — since a finite fraction of an infinite resource is an infinitely small fraction.

To put it in a slightly different way: Since the co-ordinate of the present moment could be anywhere along an infinite spectrum, on which the finite fraction of your own lifespan exists, the probability of the present moment falling within that finite fraction is infinitely small.

This means it is infinitely improbable that you are alive and conscious right this second.


If we reincarnate and have infinite lives, the probability of you being alive and conscious right this second, or the probability of the present moment intersecting with one of your infinite amount of finite lifespans, becomes infinitely more likely than if we were to only have a single lifespan.

Infinitely improbable doesn’t mean impossible though…

Now this argument doesn’t prove anything, but it does demonstrate that reincarnation after death is more probable than an infinite black void. So there really is no use dwelling on the infinitely small possibility that there is nothing awaiting you after death. It seems to be far more likely that your consciousness is indestructible and persists beyond the death of the human body. :)

— see my (not yet published, but might be by the time you read this) article on why consciousness is unlikely to be an emergent property of the brain for supporting evidence of this claim.

If you enjoyed this article — i have good news! There is plenty more to read about concerning the evidence for life after death. I recommend searching up videos on the topic of reincarnation by the YouTube Channel New Thinking Allowed. There you will find experts discussing and debating the empirical evidence recorded about several high-profile cases of supposed reincarnation. New thinking Allowed is headed by Jeffrey Mishlove Ph.D — The only person ever to be awarded a doctoral diploma in parapsychology by an accredited American university.




I discuss hypotheticals relating to spirituality, consciousness and sometimes technology

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Mikey Jesney

Mikey Jesney

I discuss hypotheticals relating to spirituality, consciousness and sometimes technology

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