Why Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch

The Most Likely Explanation for why he was banned

During the final 10 minute’s of Dr Disrespect’s twitch stream, he can be heard referencing David Icke — a famous conspiracy theorist who has recently been removed from multiple streaming and social media platforms for spreading theories about 5G and Coronavirus. This is not the first time that a live stream associated in some way to David Icke has been terminated prematurely. Look no further than the airing of Rose Icke 3 on YouTube / LondonReal for another recent example of such censorship.

While this may seem outlandish, Other videos uploaded by Dr Disrespect show him endorsing the purchase and use of Shungite, which is touted in the spiritual community as a tool for helping to clear the air of EMF radiation and also clear the body of free radicals.

In the last ten minutes of Disrespect’s stream, he talks about how he has recently been into researching David Icke. He expresses the opinion that not all the information shared by Icke may be correct, but that it helps people to think outside of the box. He also mentioned that he had bought one of Icke’s books and had watched a documentary about Icke.

At the moment, Icke is one of the most controversial figures on the planet. He has long been someone who stands against the mainstream narrative, and is extremely critical of many governments. More specifically the western world — UK and America. He has recently been speaking out about potential dangers associated to 5G and about potential misinformation being circulated by mainstream news outlets about Coronavirus. Both of these talking points have made him a wanted man, as followers of his have been found shirking social distancing rules and burning down 5G towers. Whether or not the information spread by Icke is true or false is up to the discretion of the reader and this article is not about addressing the accuracy of those claims. It is, however, interesting to look at the pattern of censorship that seems to be appearing everywhere where Icke’s name and ideas are brought up.

This theory also explains the lack of explanation and cryptic nature of the responses from both Disrespect and Twitch following the ban. It has sent the Internet into a frenzy as fans are trying to piece together the exact reason why the ban took place. The lack of explanation could potentially be intentional, and done so to further stop the spread of Coronavirus and 5G conspiracy theories; As acknowledgement of this reason for the ban would only serve to add credibility to the conspiracies.

The jury is still out on why Disrespect was actually banned. It will be interesting to see what the future brings to light concerning this particular case. I’d urge the reader to take any formal statement and explanation given by twitch with a pinch of salty skepticism, as they are either not going to allude to Icke’s controversial views at all, as to not draw attention to them, or they are going to simply declare the information expressed by Disrespect as fake news and misinformation, and suggest that they were acting in the interest of the public by protecting people against harmful lies.

The truth behind the ban of Dr Disrespect is just as hard to find as the truth behind 5G and Coronavirus. I’l leave it up to you to take your education into your own hands and find out for yourself. Stay safe out there!




I discuss hypotheticals relating to spirituality, consciousness and sometimes technology

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Mikey Jesney

Mikey Jesney

I discuss hypotheticals relating to spirituality, consciousness and sometimes technology

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