True Freedom And Its Attainment

If freedom isn’t the ability to become anything you want, maybe it’s the ability to let yourself be who you are.

I Want To Know
3 min readJun 3


Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

In my opinion, you’re not the director of your life, that’s “God’s” role, but you are the lead actor. Most of the work has been done for you, you just have to show up and perform the lines. But it'll be easy, you were cast for this.

Your intuition and passion is the script. It’s best to stick to it, but improvisation is encouraged as long as it spontaneously bursts forth from the heart, rather than stagnantly dribbling out of the brain.

Perhaps keeping healthy and doing what you enjoy is all that has ever been required of you in exchange for total freedom, abundance and genuine happiness. I’m not telling you to just believe this outright, but I am suggesting that you entertain it as a hypothesis and then go and validate it yourself through experimentation if you haven’t done so already.

It’s myopic, cynical and unfortunately all too human to have difficulty recognising the innate intelligence that underlies the myriad interwoven complex systems which give rise to the mundane phenomena that we all take for granted until we drop a tab of acid.

This same underlying intelligence has a proven track record with working across multiple fractal levels. It simultaneously orchestrates the small components, and the big components that are made out of those smaller components.

In increasing order of complexity, it orchestrates the atoms, the chemicals, the cells, the organs, and the organisms. All by itself. And if we follow this chain one link further, it’s not too hard to arrive at the hypothesis that this same intelligence also orchestrates the larger systems that those organisms (us humans) fit into as well. This means it quite possibly orchestrates the systems that govern the journey of your entire life.

And it does all of this from top to bottom and bottom to top, all by itself.

So perhaps your purpose has been taken care of for you. Perhaps it’s been decided for you. You, however, might be getting in the way of that. And you might be getting in the way of it with too much drinking, or — even worse — too much thinking.

So if you haven’t already, clean up your lifestyle and your thoughts, and your purpose might just fall into your lap. It’s as “simple” as that. The only complicated part about it is us silly humans, with our lack of sense of direction, lost within our self fabricated mental mazes.

Here’s a thought: Not a single thought went into the construction of the grasshopper, the human body, or the earth itself.

In regards to their magnum opus, many great masters will often recount how the concept and steps of execution were seemingly thrown into their laps by an unseen hand.

Do you have enough faith to try faith? Do you have the trust required to try trusting?

Let go of coping mechanisms which were only ever necessitated by cynicism and lack of faith. Every time you engage in a coping mechanism, you are affirming to the whole universe that happiness is not coming your way automatically, and that you have to hunt some toxic artificial simulacra of it down and force it into your recoiling veins in order to get any. And it’s because of this that I believe that the act of faith is the true benefactor of the rewards of discipline. Rather than the act of discipline itself.

Let go of self doubt, self-judgement.

Let go of worries and fears.

Let go of what you think you want.

Simply let go.