What Is The Shift To 5D Reality?

The cutting-edge science of how the physical world is becoming more like the dream world

3 min readMay 19, 2021


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William Tiller PHD is a physicist interested in the study of consciousness, or what he calls “psychoenergetics” — his research explores the affects of intention on physical environmental variables such as the PH of water, among other things. His experiments have been successfully replicated and show anomalous results who’s most likely explanation involves non-local mind/matter interaction being the primary cause.

Feel free to go and do your own research into Tiller’s experiments, he is a very prolific scientist and you can find videos documenting his experiments on YouTube. Describing them in detail is outside of the scope of this article

Based on these experimental results, Tiller hypothesizes the existence of particles called “Deltrons” which are activated by focusing/increasing human consciousness and which “knit together” the physical, atom-molecule layer of reality with the electromagnetic / information layer of reality. Altering the physics of a small area of space local to the zone where meditation / intention or any sort of strenuous mental exercise is being done.

The physical, atom/molecule level of reality is the concrete world you see around you now. Human beings have a pretty good innate understanding of how this environment behaves normally. However, reality is actually a lot different to how it is perceived by the human senses and mind. It is made up of vibrations of energy, and an astonishing amount of what is thought to be solid matter is actually empty space. The reality around us has been compared to a hologram by many notable thinkers such as Leonard Suskind and Michael Talbot.

According to Tiller: Adjacent to this layer of reality is a dimension where electromagnetism and information are coupled together and reside.

As consciousness tries to achieve certain outcomes in physical reality, a certain class of particles, known as deltrons, activate in order to bridge the gap between the electromagnetic/informational output of the brain in the form of thoughts, and the physical atom/molecule layer of reality that we are all familiar with. The intensity of the exertion of the consciousness seems to correlate to the quantity of how many deltrons are activated and produced. which means that the stronger someone’s consciousness is, the more closely linked physical reality is to the realm of thought (in the sense of how they mirror each other)

Tiller hypothesizes that the knitting together of these two levels of reality allows for anomalous phenomena to occur, such as a person being able to alter the PH level of water by 1 full PH simply by clearing their mind of all of all other thoughts apart from the intention to do so / a visualization of this intention fulfilled, and maintaining this intention/visualization for a sustained period of time.

This research has interesting implications and ties to the concept of a “shift into 5D reality” which is commonly talked about in modern spirituality. For as the global level of consciousness increases, and we all practice deeper forms of mindfulness and self love, the increase in consciousness that this will require could activate more and more deltrons in the environment around us, which will change the physics of our reality to become more dreamlike and pliable to our thoughts. Manifestations will happen much quicker, and the overall vibration of the planet should increase in tandem with the propagation of this phenomena.




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