The One Thing You Need To Do Before You Start Your Spiritual Career

Life changing and seemingly impossible things can happen to you if you commit to a plan of rigorous self-discipline — read on to find out what they are!

Here are 4 powerful reasons why committing to rigorous self-discipline is such an important place to begin when kick-starting your spiritual career:


Potential followers and customers will sense your intensified personal power and gravitate towards it

Which means better business for you. No one is interested in receiving personal spiritual truths from someone that they believe to have less of a grip on life than them. Likewise, with spiritual entrepreneurs who are selling services such as readings or reiki healing, people want to receive quality goods, and they want and deserve their money’s worth.

Cultivating your personal power will improve your public image and should naturally raise the standard of quality of the service you provide, making for happier customers, and a wealthier and more fulfilled You.

The higher you raise your vibration through self-discipline, the more your audience will grow. Because not only will there naturally be more people who look up to you and see you as a source of inspiration, but you will inevitably grow to be more confident, charismatic and attractive in general from all of the character-building exercises you have been engaging in through your shadow-work and self-development practices.


Practicing self-discipline is a powerful form of meditation, and spirituality is fundamentally about the evolution of consciousness.

As you exercise the faculty of consciousness in order to make keener discernments about how you navigate through life through self-imposed discipline, you will unavoidably grow to become a more conscious being.

I find it to be true that:

the mechanism of free will which we use to make decisions draws upon the resources of our consciousness and current level of awareness.

Through making difficult, unpleasant and emotionally challenging but beneficial decisions, we will be growing and strengthening our connection to more vital and non-physical sources of energy and information. Becoming more wise, aware, powerful and psychic in the process.


The unpleasant realities of self-discipline will give you the harsh life experience that you need to draw upon in order to understand and empathize with the people that need your help.

Reading books about spirituality and studying esoteric information is an important and essential part of many people’s spiritual journey. However, the majority of the steps on the journey of inner evolution lie along the path of mundane day to day life, and:

how deftly you handle the smallest bump on the road says just as much about you than how you behave in your darkest hour.

Self-discipline facilitates greater alignment with a core truth of what it means to be a guide and example for others on the spiritual path, which is that:

Service to others begins indirectly, and its genesis is the fruit of the process of healing yourself.

This phase of self-development always precludes the approach of others who seek your knowledge and guidance. It’s essential for someone who wishes to earn their living as a light worker to use self-development to cultivate personal magnetism, as spiritual information is not supposed to be aggressively directed at people who may need it but don’t actively seek it.

However, a purely inactive and passive approach to providing your service will not cut it either. In order to make a career out of being a teacher you need to cultivate personal power and make only dignified and warranted public displays of it.

This will pull the right people towards you who are seeking the spiritual service you have to offer. This will rightfully allow exchanges of energy in the forms of time, money and service (which are essential to sustaining your occupation) to take place at their own rightful and timely pace.


It should feel like logical next step to take.

One last thing that I feel like it is important to mention for the people who have already quit their jobs, or are looking to, is that this step up in the intensity of personal discipline should feel like an easy, natural and logical next step to take.

The sense of freedom and lightness that you feel from dropping the burden of a misaligned career should naturally result in an increase in internal resources that can be channeled towards cultivating greater degrees of self-control in a way that feels less like brute force, and more like exchanging a pair of old, tight shoes that you have outgrown for a larger, shinier pair which fit you with ease and comfort. (You’re still expected to run in them though)

When you’re being truly authentic and following a career path that is in a high degree of alignment with your natural interests and talents, working should require very little effort a lot of the time, at least not to an uncomfortable degree, and it can even be occasionally rejuvenating.

It should feel like you are steering something which is already in motion, rather than propelling something which wants to be stationary or moving in the opposite direction.

It’s important to understand that a misaligned career path can cause a lot of damage to a person over a sustained period. This can be the result of stress and fear, overwork, dependence on stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine, and a reliance on unhealthy coping mechanisms — food, drugs, phone addiction, and really any imbalanced consumption of pleasure-focused pursuits.

Therefore, a period of healing will probably be required after a misaligned job is left behind in order to prepare someone to put their best foot forward on the path to their true purpose in life.

Because of this reality, it is also important to talk about how to prepare for the possibility of a drawn out transitional phase between your old career and your new career:

Transitioning from your old career to your new career may take more time and resources than expected.

If you have enough savings, it might not be too bad as long as you don’t mind expending some of them in order to allow yourself the time needed to heal enough to start getting the ball rolling for your next adventure.

Not all people have this luxury afforded to them. In the case that someone needs a financial income in order to support themselves while making this adjustment: I’d suggest taking up a job which is at a place of balance between what you are naturally talented at and enjoy, and what takes the minimum amount of effort.

You are going to want something which creates as little stress as possible. For everyone this will look different depending on what their skills and preferences are. But the whole point is to find something which is in alignment with your energy and requires as little forced input from you as possible. This will preserve your energy and allow you to invest it in self-development and the actualization of the next steps on your career path.

Do not go looking for a job that pays anything more than the bare minimum you need to survive and reach the required level of comfort unless the energy demanded by that job matches your alignment with the job.

I believe that in order to live your ultimate purpose, you need to become the highest version of yourself. Luckily, You’ll find that as your old, outdated life starts to fall away, the energy that was once invested in those systems will return to you.

Reinvesting that energy back into yourself in the form of discipline and self-development will pay off massively in the long run for any type of career, but especially in the field of spirituality for the reasons listed above.

To conclude

Cultivating a high degree of self-discipline doesn’t have to precede the beginning of a full time career in spirituality. Although this would be preferable, it is not always afforded to someone who is “receiving the call” to become a source of spiritual sustenance for others. In this case, an earnest and sincere attempt at on-the-job training in self-discipline should more than suffice.

You don’t have to be perfect before you start pursuing your career in spirituality, but after a period of healing and readjustment, it should be easy and natural to start committing to making any lifestyle adjustments that you’ve been putting off, all while keeping up with the responsibilities of your new chosen occupation.

If you are not feeling the increased capacity to be able to start refining your life in this way, you should take more time out to do nothing but focus on healing yourself, or reconsider your current plan and strategies to find something which aligns closer to your innate skill set and interests to reduce resistance as much as possible.

If you find this information useful and would like to reach out for guidance of a more personal nature, send an email to, I offer both free and paid services to anyone interested in spiritual development and how to start their spiritual career.




I discuss hypotheticals relating to spirituality, consciousness and sometimes technology

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Mikey Jesney

Mikey Jesney

I discuss hypotheticals relating to spirituality, consciousness and sometimes technology

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