How Does Synchronicity Work?

How Karma, Astrology and Synchronicity might all be related.

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5 min readMay 24, 2022


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The term Synchronicity was coined by the psychiatrist Carl Jung. It is defined as an “Acausal Connecting Principle” which essentially means that it is a strange force, yet to be proven scientifically, that connects different phenomena together through unknown means.

Usually when we think of causality, we think of concepts such as Newtonian physics which describe the path that objects take after they have been given momentum in a certain direction, until they finally come to rest because of forces such as gravity and friction.

The question of “Why is that thing over there” or “Why did I just get hit in the face with a baseball?” can be answered, at least in part, by Newtonian physics.

However, some events happen that are so probabilistically anomalous, that we are forced to reconsider our preconceptions about reality.

Examples of such events can be found by doing a quick google of something to the effect of “Carl Jung synchronicity story” — Anyone’s story of synchronicity will suffice, although Jung is a very well established academic with a lot of tenure, so you might find his anecdotes more persuading than someone else's.

Now I am not familiar with any theories that Jung himself proposed in order to explain the mechanism behind synchronicity, but I am familiar with the work of a man named Benjamin Goertzel. He’s another genius who is one of the chief engineers responsible for creating the A.I that drives Sophia the robot — a robot so human-like in it’s mannerisms that it was actually granted citizenship!

In One of Ben’s YouTube videos, he discusses the concept that there is evidence to suggest that there is a peculiar type of gravity which pulls together patterns of a similar nature.

We can see this strange force in effect if we look for it. Like-minded people tend to cluster together, and there is a certain orderliness to the phenomena we come across. for instance; water molecules attract other water molecules so strongly, that they can defy gravity when in small enough quantities. If you’re looking for something like a blade of grass, you’re most likely to find it with all of the other blades of grass. In many systems where distributions can be observed, you can find a clustering together of similar phenomena.

The universe works well this way, when things are separated out nicely into their own spaces and important boundaries are preserved. (you don’t want insects inside your computer, and you don’t want plastics and metals in the jungle) Perhaps this even explains the human need for organisation to some extent.

When we apply this notion of a gravitational element to patterns, potential avenues for hypothetical exploration open up in regards to mysterious phenomena such as Synchronicity, Karma and Astrology.

If we imagine that patterns could potentially be able to have many dimensions to them, then we can make a case that a chunk of time could be considered a pattern, or part of a pattern.

Things in the universe like to happen in cycles — The moon, the seasons, each day, our own metabolisms, the cycle of life and death, rainfall, the rotation of everything in the solar system, etc. These are all repeating events, with clear beginnings and endings, which may be able to work as a sort of outline or container for the events that happen within each cycle — essentially creating a multidimensional pattern which comprises of the period of time it takes for the cycle to complete and all of the events which happen within that time frame.

Because we are thinking multidimensionally, perhaps once one of these big patterns of time and events all bundled up into a cycle has happened, it will now start trying to attract other, similar patterns to itself, which would be in the form of another cycle of time with similar events happening inside of it.

As this is all very theoretical, I will give an example of it; say for instance, a large political event happens during a particular astrological alignment. This will instantiate a pattern into the cycles of time that that event exists within (the 47899398346th revolution of the earth around the sun)

And once that cycle completes and becomes it’s own finalised pattern, when the next cycle comes around, The pattern of the first cycle might influence the events in the next cycle to be more like itself through the medium of the strange, multi-dimensional gravity that exists between patterns.

This can even happen on a fractal scale, with patterns inside patterns and cycles inside cycles. So a particular astrological alignment coinciding with a political event is itself a pattern which exists within the larger pattern which is the annual cycle of the earth’s passage around the sun and everything else that happened within that same cycle.

This might also work as a model for speculating on how Karma, Astrology and Synchronicity might work. As they all share the strange quality of having to do with events in time having a certain inevitability or inescapable gravity to them.

Karma may just be the experience of someone who finds themselves trapped in a series of patterns and cycles which are trying to repeat themselves by attracting other, similar patterns.

Astrology might just be the cycles of the planets entangling with the events that transpire on earth and creating patterns which will then try and repeat in future cycles.

The mechanism at the core of it all is this strange gravity which exists between patterns, which draws similar patterns together mysteriously and seemingly without any sort of logical cause at all besides some sort of manipulation of future probabilities, which is where quantum mechanics might come into the picture.

To conclude, This article is primarily just rampant speculation, and more or less likely to be completely wrong. This topic in particular is just too strange and too large to be able to be grasped fully at the moment and verified scientifically in any way. Although hopefully that will change within our life times if science and spirituality start playing together more nicely.