Read this and find out why that’s a silly, improbable and intellectually lazy default belief for post-enlightenment western society to have.

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If we take for granted the notion that time is an infinite line on which events happen, we can deduce that any finite span of time on that line is an infinitely small fraction of the total amount of time that exists.

Your own conscious awareness exists within a defined…

The cutting-edge science of how the physical world is becoming more like the dream world

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William Tiller PHD is a physicist interested in the study of consciousness, or what he calls “psychoenergetics” — his research explores the affects of intention on physical environmental variables such as the PH of water, among other things. …

3 important techniques that i apply every day in order to upgrade my consciousness and do things that science says shouldn’t be possible

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What is consciousness?

To start off, I think it would be helpful to define what i mean by consciousness:

Consciousness is a property of the universe that embeds itself in living things in order to experience life from a first person perspective, gain experience and grow in power.

I’ve been studying the mystery…

Supercharge your consciousness and move to the next stage in human evolution with this one simple behavior

Life changing and seemingly impossible things can happen to you if you commit to a plan of rigorous self-discipline — read on to find out what they are!

Here are 4 powerful reasons why committing to rigorous self-discipline is such an important place to begin when kick-starting your spiritual career:


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Inspired by Brian Scott and Christian D Larson — go check out Brian’s YouTube channel to get more of these ideas straight from the source!

Ever had a task to do which you keep putting off because it simply doesn’t interest you? While this can be a sign that you are not working on what you are supposed to work on, and need to change occupation if possible, it is also an unavoidable fact of…

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“The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing”


A hypothesis is what is often used in Science as the scaffolding which helps you to define and create your experimental methodology. It comes before any sort of empirical proof and is built primarily out of axioms which arise…

The Most Likely Explanation for why he was banned

During the final 10 minute’s of Dr Disrespect’s twitch stream, he can be heard referencing David Icke — a famous conspiracy theorist who has recently been removed from multiple streaming and social media platforms for spreading theories about 5G and Coronavirus. This is not the first time that a live…

Set up a standard double-slit, which-way experiment.

Contain both the which-way information and the board on which the interference pattern is displayed in a way that can be completely destroyed / erased.

Set up a neural network that is capable of using image recognition to tell the difference between an…

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